I have joined the ALP

I delayed this announcement as I was getting things together with committees and so forth, but yesterday on the Phil’s World Podcast I announced that I have joined the ALP. I was accepted just before Christmas late last year.

As explained on the podcast, I will be involved in the ALP processes and I am now an associate member of two committees (with hopefully two more in the chute) as well as attending my first local branch meeting this past Tuesday night. So far things are going extremely well and I am very happy.

Naturally I won’t be specifying the committees nor announcing when the meetings will be in advance, and I’ll only be mentioning anything about them after the fact if something big personally happens – unless I’ve been told to stay quiet publicly (which is likely – that’s how leaks start  and I’m not going to engage in that sort of thing).

As mentioned on the podcast it’s not likely I’ll be able to attend the next state conference in May as it is over a weekend and during the football season that’s out of bounds for me – unless I can swing something (which is unlikely).

This is quite a development and hopefully I can advance in a lot of the things I am working on changing and have been working on for awhile.

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